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WildStar Tumblr Giveaway

Itching to get your mitts on some sweet new WildStar Swag? Well here’s your chance, Cupcake!

Simply Follow WildStar Online on Tumblr and Reblog this post to be entered into a random drawing. You could win t-shirts, phone cleaners, or even a Rowsdower plushie! If you can find a better three-fer for summertime communication device enthusiasts, win it!

On top of these awesome prizes, we will also be randomly giving out WildStar Guest Passes to people that reblog this post. Whether you use it for yourself or give it to a friend, we just want to share the WildStar love! Because there’s no wrong way to love us…yet!  We’ll be giving out 10 passes for NA and 10 passes for EU, so put the “all me” back in “social media” and get to reblogging!

Follow and Reblog this post between now and July 3rd for your chance to win!

WildStar + Tumblr + Prizes = The Ultimate Combo!

Official Rules:

  1. You must be following WildStar Online on Tumblr to participate.  Giveaway open until July 3rd.
  2. You can reblog once per day, each day will be counted as a chance to win!
  3. Likes count as 1 additional entry, but only if they accompany a reblog, all in accordance with universal affection protocols!
  4. Open to NA and EU residents (we’ll get you next time, Antarctica!)
  5. Winners will be chosen by random generator based on reblogs
  6. Winners will be contacted via Tumblr messaging, so make sure your Ask Box is open (but just by playing WildStar, you’re already by definition a winner)!

Prizes include:

Wildstar T-shirts, Rowsdower Plushies, Rowsdower Phone Cleaners, and 7-Day Wildstar Guest Passes











Best underreaction ever.

That guy needs his own movie.

In my headcanon, Bruce mentioned this to Nick Fury, and Nick immediately sent Maria Hill out to hire him.   He’s the night watchman, runs the cameras and patrols the halls of one of SHIELD’s front companies, over one of their most important top secret facilities.  The guy doesn’t know what he’s sitting on, of course, but he’s unflappable and unfailingly sensible and sees the facility through every weird situation with the same patient attitude.

Bruce appreciates him and always makes sure to stop by the desk when he’s nearby, ask about the guy’s wife and kids and grandkids.  He gets invited to Thanksgiving and the missus keeps trying to set him up with their daughter.

When Steve meets him, they swap war stories and instantly become BFFs, and sometimes Steve comes by during the guy’s shift with classic diner food and they play Gin for a couple hours over burgers or soup or meatloaf with mashed potatoes and Coca-Cola in glass bottles.

Thor loves to hear the guy tell stories, and believes him the skald of SHIELD.


I will reblog this every time because it is literally the best



This is one of my favorite headcanons ever.

Hee, thank you! :D

This headcanon, I like it! Another!

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